Welcome to Hidden Sound

Your Creative Getaway, in the Heart of the Prairies


Our Vision

Hidden Sound is where the magic happens. This space exists to help you connect deeply to life through music. To escape the daily grind and relax into creativity. Our focus is providing a space for songwriting and recording for solo artists and duos.

Playing Piano

Studio Equipment


Amphion One12 Monitors
KEF Bookshelves
PolkAudio Sub
Sennheiser HD650


Lynx Hilo
Soundcraft Notepad 12


Audient ASP800
Grace Design M101
Tascam Portastudio 246


Rode K2, NT3, NT5 (x2)
Advanced Audio CM87
AKG C1000S (x2)
Sennheiser 845s
Shure SM57, SM58
AKG D-112
MXL 603, 4000


Antique Upright Piano
49 Key Midi Keyboard
Akai MPD218 Midi Pad
Vox AC30
Squire Bass Guitar
1969 Kay Archtop Electric Guitar
Simon & Patrick Woodland Pro Folk Acoustic Guitar
1960’s Harmony Stratotone Electric Guitar
5 String Banjo
Sonor Player Drum Kit (4 piece) w/ Dream cymbals
Various Guitar Pedals


Arturia FX Collection - Effects
Arturia V Collection - Synths
Celemony Melodyne - Vocal Tuning
IZotope Ozone 7 
Klanghelm Collection
PSP oldTimer
Tokyo Dawn Labs Collection
Vladislav Goncharov Collection
TyrellN6 Synth
Waves: Abbey Road Vinyl, API Collection, Brauer Motion, DBX 160, DeBreath, J37 Tape Machine, NS1 Noise Suppression, Scheps Omni Channel, Sibilance, Vocal Rider